Add-ons | Made with Humane Club

The fundamentals for most good websites remain the same. And the plugin comes with thought through defaults. However, for some businesses, especially those in crowded markets, it is critical to differentiate visually and with features. For them, we have add-on services that you can purchase.

One-time data migration

Out of the box, we provide migration for up to 100 articles. If you need migration assistance beyond that, we charge for it.

We need three things from you. First is read-only access to the database of your current CMS. Second is an intern for two-three months for the data transfer. Third, a mid-level point of contact who understands the content and can help resolve doubts. We will also need their assistance to set up playlists.

Here’s how we will do it. First, using code, we will transfer the posts, taxonomy, users, and media to WordPress. Generally, the programmatic transfer has 80% accuracy. For the remaining 20%, the intern needs to random sample test the transfer, find issues and fix them. The intern might need assistance from a mid-level editorial lead. Finally, we set up the playlists and landing pages with the editorial point of contact.


Theme development

Out of the box, the Cognitively platform comes with a clean and structured user interface. If you need a custom theme, then you have two options:

Software development

Do you require software features over and above what the plugin offers?